The Panama Business Day in Hamburg 2016

December 27, 2022

Hamburg, Germany — The first version of Panama Business Day was developed in the city of Hamburg Germany, the objective of this event was to promote the trade and investment between these two countries. The German Chamber of Commerce, a delegation led by the Minister of Commerce and Industries, Melitón Arrocha, officials from the Panama-Pacifico Agency, the Superintendence of Banks, the Colon Free Zone, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica SA (ETESA) supported this event.

Topics related to Panama’s business opportunities in the financial, energy and maritime sectors, as well as, the benefits of the Special Economic Zones, were discussed, among other points. JP Global Digital’s participation was used as an example of successful business partnerships that derive from foreign investment and translate into positive outcomes for the country of Panama. JP Global Digital was very proud to be chosen as an example to promote what has the potential to become a great source of income and growth for the country’s economy.