Digital Twin can help Oil and Gas operators achieve significant cost savings

Digital Transformation Summit

Houston, Texas: On March 26-27 of 2019, JP Global Digital was excited to sponsor and share our expertise on how Digital Twin is revolutionizing the industry at The Future of Oil & Gas USA: Digital Transformation Summit that took place in Houston, TX at the Red Lion Hotel. During the event, delegates were able to obtain information on how 3D digital solutions are helping operators create efficiency and control with their operations to meet superior financial results for their stakeholders.

After two days of successful conversations at JP’s booth, Bill Alashqar, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing participated in the discussion: How Can Digital Twins Improve the Performance of Your Asset? Where he shared JP’s expertise in developing a smart Digital Twin to help create efficiencies for operations, maintenance, and safety procedures for the oil and gas industry. Bill said, “in today’s market, operators are looking to invest in new technologies to help mitigate risk and reduce cost, to make better decisions.” He also mentioned that “just alone with revising P&ID’s our solutions can provide operators 46% – 62% in cost saving.”   

JP’s solutions provide a clear and sustainable path to a smart digital twin. Our solutions bring these digital twins to life by quickly capturing all the data with our terrestrial or aerial laser scanners, P&ID validation and more to create a 3D model. We help to integrate and link valuable operational and maintenance data to make better decisions with just a few clicks away. In a recent study, Boston Consulting Group evaluated JP solutions and noted that JP delivers an “unmatched solution” to the market. Delivering unique solutions and high value to their customers.

About JP Global Digital: JP Global Digital is a leading global digital technology service company, providing a broad range of three-dimensional solutions to help companies pave the way on their digital transformation. JP’s unmatched engineer’s experience and expertise, coupled with their profound understanding of customers’ needs, create tailor-fit and comprehensive 3D Digital solutions. With a presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, JP offers support and custom solutions, helping clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

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