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Placing Your Assets In The Palm Of Your Hands

JP Global Digital, a leading SaaS company, specializes in visualizing and managing reality capture data and BIMs that connect businesses to their projects and assets, regardless of their location. Originally established in 2016 as an end-to-end digital solutions provider, JP Global Digital offered clients the generation of Digital Twins and delivered the data through their proprietary viewer, JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV). However, the outbreak of COVID-19 prompted a strategic shift in focus. Recognizing the immense potential of their developed software, JPIV, and leveraging their expertise in working with digital twins, JP Global Digital transitioned to a fully SaaS model. 

This transition allowed them to address the unique challenges associated with managing reality capture data in the oil and gas industry. With their tagline, “Placing your assets in the palm of your hand,” JP Global Digital aims to provide a seamless experience for those working with reality capture data. Their platform serves as a bridge, connecting field and office workers, as well as operators and C-level executives. By bringing together interdisciplinary teams of varying seniority levels onto a single platform, JP Global Digital empowers businesses to make better informed decisions in a timely manner.

Daniel Coronado

Our platform acts as a bridge, fostering collaboration among diverse teams and empowering businesses to make timely, informed decisions. Together, we're reshaping the future of operations in today's dynamic landscape.

Daniel Coronado, COO | JP Global Digital


We are on a mission to reshape how industries operate their assets, delivering new ways to increase efficiency at every level of the organization.

Our values 

We believe in fostering a culture of openness and honesty, ensuring transparent communication and interactions with our clients, partners, and employees. We take pride in our bond as a team and our ever-evolving innovative mindset.

Transparency – Teamwork – Innovation 


Learn how you can break barriers in reality capture collaboration 

Working with reality capture can get tricky: from getting that data to the right people to communicating effectively and on time. Learn how you can easily collaborate and communicate with your team on reality capture data using JPIV.