Oil & Gas Supply Chain Procurement Summit

Oil & Gas Supply Chain Procurement Summit

The Oil & Gas Supply Chain and Procurement Summit that took place on December 2017 was a launching platform for JP Global Digital in the Houston arena.

JP Global Digital had been developing strong relationships with different engineering services companies in the Oil & Gas field, so it looked proper to formally introduce the cutting-edge technology and the digitalization process at Rice University during this great event.

The Summit has been a platform for discussions of new tools in the current age of digitalization, that included the ones developed by Josen Premium such as AR and VR, as well as the patent pending cloud platform, JP Interactive Viewer. These new technologies and the introduction of digitalization of complex environments through the creation of a digital twin were part of the presentation offered by JP, that opened new levels of discussions on the economics and improved efficiencies that they bring to the industry.

About JP Global Digital

JP’s 3D Laser Scanning services provide accurate As-Is digital documentation for collaborative asset management, allowing optimization of its client’s resources through a reliable operational alliance.