What Is A Digital Twin?

October 26, 2021

What is a digital twin?

Managing assets from a remote location is a complex undertaking – and a sticking point when it comes to efficiency at an organization. It’s time consuming and unsafe to manage these assets on site, particularly when there is a remote team of people involved in a project. 

Many businesses are turning to digital twins as a solution – it’s a rapidly growing industry, with global market size expected to reach $63.5 billion by 2027 – but what is a digital twin? Let’s demystify the digital twin and who needs to use it.

Digital Twin, Defined. A digital twin is a digital, or virtual, model that’s designed to accurately represent a physical object.

What is a digital twin?
Through this technology, information about an asset can be embedded into the digital twin – making it an accurate, virtual model that can be used in a number of applications using the right software tools.  
Who Can Use Digital Twin Technology?

Digital twins can be leveraged in a number of ways. Here’s how various organizations can save time and increase productivity managing projects in a 3D web-based environment.


Engineering project managers can use digital twin technology to collaborate and communicate essential design project details with team members. Digital twins can also be helpful for performing remote quality control for elements of a project that can’t be easily accessed in person.


Construction teams can access and review the progress of the construction process using digital twins when it’s not possible to take stakeholders on site. Digital twin technology makes it possible to accurately develop the layout of access routes within a facility for more effective and efficient planning. 


Digital twin creation can help reduce the need for costly site visits to identify components, equipment, and areas that need repair and accelerate approval processes in review meetings. Users will have a smoother,error-free workflow, while also accessing hard-to-reach areas without the need for auxiliary equipment, thus reducing costs.


Digital twins allow inspectors to view, plan, and execute visual inspection routes – which speeds up the inspection process and saves time. Our tool, JP Interactive Viewer, allows the user to perform a remote visual inspection of the entire infrastructure through a point cloud with 360-degree photorealistic views in a user-friendly, interactive way. 

Your Source for Digital Twin Technology

Digital twins help organizations reduce worker exposure to hazardous environments by virtually accessing any hard-to-reach areas without the need for auxiliary equipment – minimizing risk and reducing costs.

The JP Interactive Viewer is an in-house developed, cloud-based software platform that allows you to visualize and remotely manage any given asset and/or project with other team members. We’ll help you gain efficiency and reduce costs through digital twin technology. Contact JP Global Digital to learn more.