Spar 3D 2017 in Houston, Texas

April 3, 2017

On April 3rd, 2017, JP Global Digital and Z+F had the opportunity to participate in the Spar 3D Congress 2017. This was a wonderful occasion to strengthen their partnership, and to experience the newest technological advances of the 3D industry.

It was evident through the exhibit floor, that cloud-based visualization of the Models generated by the 3D Laser Scanning devices are the way of the future. For that reason, JP Global Digital’s technical team started to develop its own JP Interactive Viewer, a proprietary application that allows its clients to take advantage of the benefits from a cloud-based, collaborative environment that puts all the CAD, BIM and Point Cloud Models in an encrypted secure cloud-based interactive platform.

An additional benefit of this conference was the opportunity of evaluating new technologies in augmented and virtual reality and their applicability in the 3D digital realm.

About JP Global Digital

JP Global Digital is a leading global digital technology service provider with a focus on digital transformation for the Oil & Gas, Large Industrial and Maritime Sector. Leveraging our experts experience & expertise to create tailor-fit & comprehensive 3D digital solutions to help our customers achieve superior financial and operating results