Smart Digital Twin

Smart Digital Twin

JP’s Smart Digital Twin is a 3D digital replica of assets fed with custom information, becoming a central operational component for management enhancement. A SDT gives you the insight and tools to increase efficiency throughout your entire asset’s life cycle.

With our Smart Digital Twin, engineers, operators, maintenance personnel, and other professionals get revised P&IDs, generate isometrics and bills of materials, attach and update external documents, and modify the 3D model with the confidence to implement a Management of Change system.

  • Object-based 3D Model with custom attributes (e.g., TAG ID)
  • Integrable with other information management systems and/or structured database
  • 3D Model and P&IDs linked
  • 3D Model aligned with Point Cloud and 360° Views
  • Colors or layers based on services or criticality
  • Isometrics and Bill of Materials
  • Ability to capture and store data of object/asset
  • Orthogonal drawings
  • Search and/or sort by elements/assets
  • Thorough integrated dataset of information across multiple Models, technical documents, and ERPs
Applications & Benefits
  • Asset management – Easy access to updated and integrated information for predictive & preventive maintenance and CAPEX/OPEX prioritization
  • Management of Change – Information is constantly updated and errors are minimized in the execution of projects
  • Inspections – Reduced field visits and improved data management
  • External corrosion detection – Automatic process through AI
  • Design and execution of modifications – Better simulation process, clash detection, design of Tie-ins, and Quality Control /li>
  • Structural Analysis – Accurate definition of geometry and deformations for Finite Element Analysis calculations
  • Turn-arounds management – Accurate scope estimation, easier planning, and detection of interferences
  • Process optimization – Easier verification of compliance with design parameters and process optimization study
  • Object-based 3D Intelligent Model
  • Revised P&IDs
  • DWG, NFW, and other formats


  • Constantly updated and integrated information
  • Error-free execution of projects
  • Automated applications
  • Certainty in design process
  • Accurate planning of turn-arounds
  • Increased efficiency

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