Smart 3D Modeling

3D BIM Model a True Digital Twin

JP’s 3D BIM Model is an intelligent 3D model-based using historical 3D design technology coupled with 3D Digital Data Capturing technology giving you the insight and tools to be more efficient, planning, design, construct and manage the execution of your projects.

The 3D BIM Model will allow engineers, operational, maintenance and other professionals to produce a revised P&ID, update documentation, predictive and preventive maintenance and inspection data management and asset integrity analysis.

BIM Model at a Glance

  • Fast – Able to get access to information of the model
  • Save Time – perform simulations or analysis behind their desk
  • A dataset of information integrated to the point cloud
  • Ability to capture and store data of object/asset
  • Link to P&IDs
  • Access to the Bill of Material
  • Isometrics (Welding maps, BOM, Elevations, Dimensions…)
  • Orthogonal drawings
  • Sort by elements/assets
  • Integration with ERPs
  • Customize the set of information
  • Produce revised P&IDs
  • Update documentation
  • Planning
  • Asset management
  • Simulate changes
  • Predictive & preventive maintenance
  • Inspection data management
  • Asset integrity analysis
  • 3D Intelligent Model by Objects
  • DWG, NFW & other formats

Cad Model Ship

Cad Model Ship Engine Room

3D CAD Model

JP’s 3D CAD Model is using historical 3D design technology coupled with 3D Digital Data Capturing technology from the Point Cloud to create a clear, and precise 3D digital record of existing conditions of an asset or project to be used for design and technical documentation which helps replace manual drafting with an automated process.

Engineers, operational, maintenance and other professionals can use the 3D CAD Model to perform simulations, clash detection, deformation analysis, and design tie-ins.

CAD Model at a Glance

  • Access to all the information your need in a single model
  • Save time
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Customizable
  • Sort by features
  • Different levels of development for an object/asset
  • Generated from Point Cloud which determines the level of accuracy
  • Colors or layers based on services or criticality
  • Perform Simulations
  • Clash detection
  • FEA calculations (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Determine deformations
  • Calculations: Take measurements (Distance of area & volume)
  • Design tie-ins
  • CAD Model*
  • DWG, NFW & other formats

3D BIM Digital Model (Twin)

Digital Twin

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