JP Interactive Viewer

JP Interactive Viewer™

As industry 4.0 continues to take hold on the Oil & Gas, large industrial and maritime sectors; companies are more focused on inefficiencies, creating profitability and maximizing the life of aging capital assets. Companies are now turning to key solutions providers to help them manage or interpret massive datasets they have generated in-house or acquired in order interrogate the data, help with making better decisions and collaborate across multiple teams (Internal & External) across the globe.

With our 3D JP Interactive viewer, users can maximize the value of a rich proprietary web-based platform with integration capabilities with existing ERPs and more which will allow users to visualize and interrogate their Smart Digital Twin, from any location across the globe.

Our visualization tool allows you to analyze and Interrogate the data while performing what-if scenarios. The JP Interactive Viewer is intuitive, user-friendly, and collaborative with robust performance and functionality.

  • Ability to visualize and manage multiple Point Clouds, 3D models (JP's or yours) in a friendly interactive single platform
  • Multi-user platform
  • Ability to setup different level of access based on user's persona profiles
  • Compatible with 3D CAD Models software
  • Ability to integrate with ERP Software
  • Add CAD elements
  • Attach different format of information, manuals, P&ID, Isometric, inspection records, videos, and tutorials to your model in various format.
  • View and update asset information from a centralized location
  • A robust navigation tool allowing the user to sort, filter, categorize and hide layers specific to the elements
  • Track activities carried out by the user through the historical record
  • Perform simulations by adding 3D Models for design, modification, and installation of new equipment
  • Design tie-ins
  •  Determine deformations
  • Navigate and interact with all the elements of your asset from any position, angle or distance within your model
  • Take measurements with millimetric precision on the distance between selected points, area, angle and volume on a realistic 360° view of your model in both International or imperial systems
  • Ability to overlay 3D models to your point cloud
  • Ability to detect and document deviations in the As-Built generation process
  • The web-based platform, as a single or multi-user license
At a Glance

  • Fast – Able to get access to information of the model
  • Save Time – perform simulations or analysis behind their desk
  • Integration Capabilities – Make sense of your data collected through the years
  • Interactive – Able to manipulate and visualize the data
  • Collaborative – Connect with your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost efficient - No need for extra hardware and software

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3D JP Interactive Viewer

3D JP Interactive Viewer

3D JP Interactive Viewer

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