Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Solution: A custom application allowing users to immerse virtually in their facilities and interact with their asset models. The application will allow users to customize training, create simulations and more.

Augmented Reality Solution: A custom application with augmented capabilities which allows a user to visualize and interact with your assets(s)/project with information of your BIM Model on site.

Virtual Reality

  • Interact with the environment and the information of the 3D model
  • Test planned procedures and interact with virtual objects
  • A 3D representation of true As-Is and As-Built conditions of your assets
  • Total immersion experience in a completely realistic digital clone of your asset
  • Immersive virtual reality tours and interactions with the 3D model
  • Customized training through simulations and evaluation of personnel
  • Redesign capabilities
  • Allow you to experience a realistic risk simulation in a safe environment
  • Customize Application (FTP, hard drive)

Augmented Reality

  • Live interaction within the environment along with 3D digital objects/models and information
  • Ability to show data in the field from your SCADA in real-time
  • Review and verify modification design on the field
  • Design and develop Error Proof procedures (Safety, Inspection, Maintenance & Operations)
  • Asset management [information on hand to be aware of the assets (maintenance, operations, inspections, asset integrity)]
  • Customize Application (FTP, hard drive)
At a Glance

  • Reduce Cost –than conventional methods
  • Save Time - Fast assimilation process compared with traditional methods of training
  • Safe & Risk-Free – Ability to visualize the facility remotely in a safe environment
  • Better insight into complex systems

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