Data Capturing & Gathering

Data Capturing & Gathering

As digital transformation continues to play a huge role in the Oil & Gas, Large industrial and maritime sectors, there is a need to digitalize all your assets. More and more companies are looking to stay ahead with their operations and reduce cost and get a true representation of As-is and As-Built documentation of your assets.

Our JP 3D Digital Data Capturing Solution is an automatic surveying system capturing the orientation of any capital asset, project, or topographic area (indoor & outdoors) to accurately and efficiently capture 3D data in a wide variety of settings regardless of size and scope. Creating a clear, and precise 3D digital record of existing conditions of any asset(s) without physically touching the areas measured.

3D digital data capturing allows you to obtain certainty of all data captured and a true representation of the model with a 360-degree panoramic view; allowing you to interrogate the data further.

3D Laser Scanning - Terrestrial

  • 3D View of capital assets (Projects, operations)
  • 360 Realistic view
  • Thermographic view
  • Millimetric accuracy
  • Geo-reference
  • As-Built Documentation – Reality capture or conditions of the asset
  • Design engineering – Upgrades or expansions
  • Prefabrication
  • Clash Detection
  • Calculations: Volume, measurement, deformation analysis, overhead clearance
  • Detection of thermographic variations (insulation, refractory, rotating equipment, electrical components,)
  • Virtual design - design and construct new components in a realistic environment
  • Virtual tour
  • 3D Point Cloud - Auto-desk (Recap), RCS, E57, ZPRJ & many others
  • Via SFTP, Encrypted Hard-Drive or CD

3D Drone Scanning - Aerial

  • Aerial 3D view
  • Centimeter accuracy
  • 3D Geo-Reference
  • Capacity to capture large assets in a short time frame
  • High definition aerial view of assets
  • Geo-positioning
  • High definition images with metadata
  • 3D Point Cloud (also Geo-referenced)
  • 3D mesh model of assets (also Geo-referenced)
At a Glance

  • Fast – Can capture up to 1 million points per second of rich data
  • Accurate – Precise measurements than traditional hand-held devices which are subject to errors
  • Reduce cost – Avoid additional visit time and changes.
  • Minimize shut-down time – 3D data capturing is quick, safe and non-invasive.  No downtime needed
  • Safe - Ability to capture data in hard to reach areas or hazardous locations.

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