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29 October, 2018
Digital transformation is revolutionizing the energy industry

Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

Digital transformation is a unique opportunity to redefine safety, asset integrity, and it will revolutionize new ways of managing preventive maintenance in the entire industrial sector. […]
31 July, 2018
Innovative digital solutions will serve customers in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, India, and Algeria

Innovative Digital Solutions will serve Customers in the Middle East

JP Global Digital, JP, based in Houston, TX, United States of America and Dynamic Energy, DE, based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, announce that the two companies […]
7 February, 2018
Oil & Gas Supply Chain Procurement Summit

Oil & Gas Supply Chain Procurement Summit

The Oil & Gas Supply Chain and Procurement Summit that took place on December 2017 was a launching platform for JP Global Digital in the Houston […]