EPC Project Management Software for More Efficient Execution

July 25, 2023

What is EPC Project Management software?

EPC project management software stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction software, and it is used as a turnkey solution to project managers on large construction projects to be able to oversee all aspects of progress monitoring, resource management, and the project schedule.

EPC has long been a part of the construction industry, even if it didn’t always go by that abbreviation. With project managers being a part of the EPCs and since asset owners also have their project managers, they would work tirelessly with spreadsheets and paper logs to make sure that all aspects of the construction contract were moving forward at the correct pace, that materials were being delivered and transferred, and that the construction of the project was proceeding smoothly. 

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It is fair to say that on construction and engineering projects–particularly on capital projects–the EPC project manager is one of the most important players.

But that’s why it is so important to use project management software for EPC, like JP Interactive Viewer. EPC companies are making it possible for the contractor responsible for EPC project management, to handle all of their duties with considerably less guesswork, stress, and emergency problem-solving, and with much better accounting, visibility, and transparency. 

That last aspect alone–accounting and transparency–can’t be underestimated, because the goal of proper construction EPC management software is to allow one EPC manager to step away and have another EPC project manager step in seamlessly. 
The software should do the heavy lifting, with all of the information needed for the engineering, procurement, and construction project well under control. These project controls are what make the difference between a good EPC management software and a bad EPC management software–or a good EPC management software and no EPC management software at all. 

What is the best software to use for project management?

JP Global Digital is a leader in the construction-tech industry, and we have made it our mission to lead the way in everything from 3D data management to virtual inspections to project information integration. 

We all know that construction is notoriously slow at adopting new technologies. It has been ranked as one of the slowest adopters of all industries across all walks of life. 60% of all construction firms don’t have an R&D budget, and 38% cite a lack of staff to manage technological innovations.
JP Global Digital is aware of this, and we are striving to make the process of adapting new technologies to the EPC fields as easy and effortless as possible. 

Our EPC software is designed for turnkey projects: where new EPC projects can be easily begun (with the design phase) in the software and managed throughout their lifecycle, and the data is stored so that it can always be accessed, both for immediate retrospectives to determine what can be learned from the project but also, and more importantly so that every part of the project is going to be recorded and accessible.

For these reasons, and especially for the ability to communicate effectively, JP Global Digital’s EPC tool is the most effective and useful on the market. 

What is the best software to use for project management?
JP Global Digital’s EPC Project Management software Features:
Easily Shareable 3D Data

Teams are able to communicate effortlessly sharing 3D data, including BIM, making it possible for all stakeholders to access and assess the data without friction and in real-time.

Cost Management

The EPC data is designed to optimize planning with subcontractors and stakeholders. We want to reduce product delivery time and reduce the need for on-site man-hours. 

Improve Certainty in the Modification Process
We want you to be able to monitor the project process, test new plans, determine the impacts of actions based on simulations, and optimize the review and approval methods with different stakeholders. 

We aim to be accurate and precise while being intuitive both in our interface and our tools. We have simple 3D data navigation, and we’re highly accessible. 

Monitoring Projects

EPC is nothing without reporting, so we make it possible to share and visualize data for review. We want to provide context for all involved as well as reduce oversights and anticipate risks. 

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