RCN Conference 2022: All You Need To Know

October 20, 2022

The JP team had the fantastic opportunity to attend the annual Reality Capture Network Conference 2022 in Boise, ID. What was supposed to be a typical technology conference turned out to be a mind-blowing experience.
The three-day event focused on educational presentations, keynotes, technology demonstrations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions on the latest technological innovations and current trends and wishlists from the top companies using these technologies. Led by Matthew Byrd, founder of the RCN, an entire community of industry professionals came together to collaborate, promote and support the integration of physical and digital technologies in the future.

Taking part in this conference and hearing from speakers, leaders, and technology providers was a great experience for JP, as they led discussions and shared their deeper understanding of reality capture, digital twins, metaverse, and other related topics.

Here are three of the main trends that were discussed at RCN 2022:
Mobile Devices for Projects:

Mobile devices in projects are being adopted more and more by companies in this industry. One of the main reasons is that mobile devices enable on-field workers to collaborate with off-site workers more seamlessly, which is a significant benefit for them. These devices are becoming even more practical than carrying around a clipboard. They can also be used for on-site reports, measurements, e-validation of site conditions, tracking issues in the field, and more (and who wants to lug around a clipboard nowadays?). Having your reality capture information in mobile devices accelerates decision-making and makes collaboration between teams and clients much smoother.


Let us explain if you don’t know what gamification means for this industry. Gamification is the visualization and interaction of an environment in a more realistic way, basically in real life on gaming software. This enables workers to have a more visual way to work in a much more intuitive, easy-to-use, and navigational method. This offers a revolutionary opportunity for the process of staff training and simulation of scenarios by having a realistic, almost live, experience. Gamification also helps companies create a new way of managing their assets by providing a better and more detailed inspection process. This is just the beginning, but the industry is working towards amplifying this concept.

Remote Quality Control and Construction Monitoring:

Many players in the industry are working towards having remote quality control and construction monitoring in an easy and digestible way for onsite or offsite teams. Applying reality capture to these processes generates confidence among all stakeholders by allowing them to not only detect and report issues on time but also perform remote inspections. Reporting issues in real-time is also very much crucial for companies since it allows them to take action on this matter before costly rework occurs. Reality capture is becoming the new validating method for construction in regard to quality control and monitoring, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the progress and status of the site.

We look forward to attending the Reality Capture Network Conference in 2023, a gathering of talented and passionate industry professionals seeking new technology integrations and innovation expansions. Meeting new people, listening to amazing speakers, and learning from their experiences were all highlights of the conference for us. This was indeed an inspiring experience.

Matthew, what a pleasure.