JP Global Digital at OTC50

May 6-9, 2019

In May 6-9 of 2019, JP Global Digital joined over 2,000 of the leading companies in the Oil & Gas industry at the 50th Offshore Technology Conference, held at the NGR Park in Houston, Texas.

Experts from JP Global Digital, the only end-to-end provider of 3D digital solutions in the market, showcased their latest state of the art solutions: the Corrosion Report and the Data Hunting VR Simulation. Moreover, the attendees gained hands-on experience with JP Global Digital’s visualization tool, the 3D JP Interactive Viewer. As industry 4.0 continues to take hold on the Oil & Gas industry, JP Global Digital focuses on transforming inefficiencies by creating profitability and maximizing the life of aging capital assets. Their 3D digital solutions can integrate into any business model regardless of their stage in the digital transformation cycle. 

OTC 2019 offered the opportunity to match the current leading-edge technology providers with the most significant challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. The event registered over 60,000 attendees from 100 different countries in the world.

About JP Global Digital

JP Global Digital is a leading global digital technology service company, providing a broad range of three-dimensional solutions to help companies pave the way on their digital transformation. JP’s unmatched engineer’s experience and expertise, coupled with their profound understanding of customers’ needs, create tailor-fit and comprehensive 3D Digital solutions. With a presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, JP offers support and custom solutions, helping clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. To learn more about our 3D solutions, visit us at