How to Conduct Better Project Management for Civil Engineering With 3D Reality Capture & JP Interactive Viewer

December 2, 2021

If your organization has ever encountered an infrastructure project or project management for civil engineering that was centered on a large and somewhat old dwelling, you know there are a myriad of challenges that come with such a project. 

Civil engineering project management can require costly travel to a virtual facility for eyes-on visibility to measure and tabulate the building length and width, height of doors and ceilings, structural elements, and additional measurements of critical technical equipment and machinery – just to name a few cases. This is not an easy chore by any stretch of the imagination when gaining access to the facility alone can be a daunting task. Plus the amount of time it takes to get to the facility can be cost-prohibitive, as is the amount of time it would take to physically measure and document the building structure. 

How to Conduct Better Project Management for Civil Engineering With 3D Reality Capture & JP Interactive Viewer

Further, older facilities may have lost records and documentation of their machines, piping, and electrical equipment. Oftentimes these recordings were made on foreman notebooks and were likely long lost or discarded. If this information was somehow kept through the years, it is likely decentralized, fragmented, or perhaps faded into the memory of a few seasoned veteran employees. 

Many times, old factories and buildings have structural damages unseen to the naked eye. So what is a company to do when these challenges are a very real occurrence for civil engineering and facility maintenance projects? You call JP Global Digital.

Moving Facility Maintenance Projects Into the 21st Century Via 3D Technology

Our JP interactive viewer solution allows civil engineers to integrate management software systems and databases, asset information, and operational data to bring value to point clouds and BIM data. It centralizes all your infrastructures in one, easy-to-use digital platform.

Our 3D reality capture technology utilizes the latest data capturing tools from laser scanners to UAVs. It primarily focuses on capturing physical asset data and turns it into a virtual environment that is non-contact and non-destructive. Because of this technology, we’re able to capture the shape of any physical object to determine the correct measurements as a 3D digital representation.

These advanced technology applications improve project management for civil engineering. With point clouds – created by using 3D reality capture technology – you can take a deep look at your facility. If you want to go further and take measurements, annotate, improve team communication, share files, and more, our software is for you. 

JP Interactive Viewer Application Advantages Reach Far and Wide
Our JP Interactive Viewer – which provides a 3D web-based environment – affects many industries with measurable results and benefits including:


  • Collaborate and communicate on essential design elements with internal and external stakeholders
  • Document and track all versions of point cloud files and BIM models
  • Perform remote QA/QC as part of the monitoring and control activities of the project 


  • Access and review progress compared to the design BIM models
  • Monitor project phases, control documentation, and ensure planning compliance
    Identify and highlight areas for installation of auxiliary tools and equipment


  • Reduce site visits to identify components, equipment, and areas that need repair
  • Eliminate inspection errors for a smoother project workflow
  • Reduce exposure to hazardous environments with virtual inspections


  • Improve the MOC process by centralizing all documentation
  • Increase productivity by clarifying doubts, concerns, and comments in real time
  • Navigate facilities more quickly via virtual modeling for improved decision making


  • Perform remote visual inspections through point clouds and 360 photorealistic views
  • Reduce man hours in the field and enhance safety measures
  • Save time by speeding up the inspection process with no need of an onsite presence and reduce associated travel costs

If your organization faces regular antiquated physical inspections mired with hazardous work conditions, safety risks, and costly travel, there’s a better way forward. Contact us, and one of our technology experts will set up a time to discuss our 3D solutions that will have a direct impact on your project management for civil engineering tasks, bottom line, and future success.