Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

December 9, 2022

Digital transformation is a unique opportunity to redefine safety, asset integrity, and it will revolutionize new ways of managing preventive maintenance in the entire industrial sector. The “JP Global Digital” in-house design and development of customized proprietary solutions are based on analytics and as-is documentation of assets.

There are limitless benefits to 3D data capturing and modeling: When 3D data is incorporated into the engineering design of a project; the 3D design and existing conditions of all piping, tanks, valves, structural components can be “clashed” to detect interference prior to construction. Plant maintenance can be optimized through this technology; preparation for major works can be streamlined and preplanned accurately to minimize disruptions and reduce turnaround time and therefore, reduce cost. Training programs including plant familiarization, standard operating

procedures, emergency drills, or customized programs utilizing both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, VR / AR. Ultimately, digital transformation and 3D modeling will change the way onshore plants and offshore assets are designed, built, and maintained revolutionizing asset performance management across the board.

A leading global Oil & Gas company was recently faced with the challenge of providing partners, contractors, and subcontractors with access to its 3D models including current designs of ongoing projects. This company’s contractors “use these 3D models during studies, engineering, fabrication, installation, and even the smallest modification. All physical changes made to the platform and plants are accompanied by corresponding changes to the 3D models so that the models are accurate and up to date.”

JP Global Digital can help companies in the onshore and offshore industries become a world leader in the field of integrated operations. Our experts’’ knowledge, experience & expertise can help you create tailor-fit & comprehensive 3D digital solutions. These 3D models can easily be viewed around the clock through our unique web- based platform “The JP interactive viewer.” The easy access to our viewer will make remote operations possible and form the basis for more effective ways of working…ultimately positioning you to achieve highest safety levels, superior financial and operating results.