Bureau Veritas Certification

At JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM) we are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients, as part of this commitment we have taken the steps necessary to obtain certifications from the Bureau Veritas Agency and are continually pursuing more.



JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM) is committed to providing three-dimensional digital solutions for our clients’ assets and their complexity by using the latest technology available in the industry. We are committed to guaranteeing the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of all information from both parties. We have established a set of guidelines which defines and adheres with our security objectives & requirements. We are continuously improving and maintaining our Information Security Management System under the ISO 27001 Standard.


  • Guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of our information and customer assets.
  • Manage the risks in which JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM) and the Client’s information is exposed, to eliminate and mitigate the impact of their information.
  • Maintain and continuously improve our Information Security Management System based on the ISO 27001 Standard requirements.



JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM) commitment to consistently satisfy our client's requirements, needs and expectations of our three-dimensional digital solutions through the application of the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and qualified personnel: adhering to our quality objectives and requirements. We are continuously improving and maintaining our Quality Management System under ISO 9001 Standard.


  • Guarantee the quality standard of three-dimensional digitized representation of the client assets and their complex environments by identifying, treating and mitigating the risks.
  • Implement personnel training programs that allow continuous improvement of their qualifications and competencies.
  • Preserve and maintain the operation of the equipment required to provide a reliable service.
  • Continuously improve the company procedures through maintenance and continuous improvement based on the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard of the Quality Management system guidelines.



JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM), is committed to comply with environmental legislation through the reduction of waste and the consumption of resources. We are continuously improving and maintaining our environmental policy under ISO 14001 Standard.


  • Evaluate and minimize the environmental impact by protecting biodiversity and preventing possible contamination in our activities
  • Comply with current legislation in all aspects related to the environment
  • Continuously improve environmental performance through maintenance and continuous improvement of the environmental management system based on ISO 14001 Standard.



JP Global Digital (JOSEN PREMIUM ), is committed to comply with ISO 45001 Occupational, Health, and Safety Policy by providing a safe and healthy work environment to all personnel. Our commitment consists of eliminating hazards, reducing risks, and complying with the legal requirements by identifying safety and health objectives at work with the goal of preventing injuries or deterioration of health. We are continuously improving and maintaining our safety management system policy under ISO 45001 Standard.


  • Guarantee the safety and health of personnel through effective management of the risks under which they are exposed.
  • Establish ongoing training and induction programs for personnel in occupational safety & health, to prevent injury or deterioration of health.
  • Comply with current legislation on Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve an Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the requirements of ISO 45001 Standard.