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Accelerating Your Pace Towards Digital Transformation

While industries were working on optimizing their processes and being a bit more efficient, we were thinking ahead of time. We envisioned the world digitalized. We dreamt of having processes carried out whenever and wherever you were— no matter how challenging it seemed. We imagined a world where decisions were data-driven and assets managed and controlled remotely. JP Global Digital was born for this. We started from scratch, gathered a team of experts and young talent, worked nonstop, and made this vision come true.

At JP Global Digital, we are not afraid of challenges. We are constantly innovating and looking for the next game-changing technology. We consider ourselves to be customer-centric. We listen to your needs and worries and start working until we exceed your expectations. Our passion has led us to you through our global reach with presence in three continents. What started as a trial and error approach, ended up becoming the solutions that bring the future to you.

For us, digital transformation is not just about changing industries, it is about transforming people’s lives.

Core Values

As a value-driven company, we are committed to supporting and adhering to our vision statement, and most importantly, the security of our clients’ information.
We aim to earn our clients’ trust through honest and open business interactions and negotiations in the success of building long-term relationships.
We are committed to secure, maintain, and manage our clients’ information with the utmost discretion at every level of our daily interaction.
We are focused on providing our clients and partners with the highest quality of customer service experience and satisfaction.
We are committed to delivering exceptional performance and services to our clients. The highly specialized training, the combination of experience and expertise, and the unique set of values of our team members make excellence a core element at JP Global Digital.
We are committed to treat everyone with dignity, integrity, and fairness. We embrace the contributions, ideas, and opinions of our team members, allowing us to have a unique corporate culture.
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Seasoned Team

Ysaac Coronado

CEO and Co-Founder

Ysaac is the CEO and co-founder of JP Global Digital. He is responsible for the overall business performance of JP Global Digital and is highly committed to the development of high-quality 3D digital solutions and to obtain the highest level of client satisfaction and growth for the Oil & Gas, Large Industrial, and Maritime Sectors.

Ysaac has a law degree with a specialization in corporate law. Ysaac has over 25 years of experience founding and developing a series of corporations in the agricultural, mining, construction, and technology sector since 2015.

Daniel Coronado

COO & Co-Founder

Daniel is the chief operating officer and co-founder of JP Global Digital. He is responsible for leading the entire overall global operations of JP Global Digital and the implementation of organic growth.

Daniel has a law degree. He has over 25 years of experience founding and developing a series of corporations in the agricultural, mining, construction, and technology sector since 2015.

Freddy Martinez

Partner and President

Freddy is a successful senior executive with more than 35 years of experience supporting global companies in their growth.

Freddy is a strong business development professional with an MBA from The Wharton School and an MSE focused on materials science & engineering from The Moore School, University of Pennsylvania. Both degrees were simultaneously earned from 1984 to 1986.

Hernan Ocando

IT Team Leader

Hernan has more than 20 years of experience in computer science, cryptography, IT, data center design, telecommunications, and digitalization.

He also has experience as an information security management system auditor, and data processing platform manager in both private and public corporations.

Hernan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineer and a master in Computer Science, Finance, and Strategic Management.

Marvelys Gonzalez

Head of Operations

Marvelys is a civil engineer with a master in project management and specialized in project design and hydraulic engineering. She also holds an MBA and a master in Big Data & Business Intelligence.

She has more than 17 years of experience in her field, and for the last three years, she has focused on industrial data processing. She is located in Mexico City (DF).

Roberto Ocando Morales

Research and Development Leader

Roberto holds an associate degree in information technology and a law degree. He has an MBA and a specialization in strategic senior management.

He has been a scrum master focused on software and applications development. He has 24 years of experience in his field.

He was second place within the 100 Best Technology Projects Executed in Venezuela in 2006- according to IT Manager 100 Empresas High-Tech 2006

David Isea

SVP Business Developer

David is an SVP business developer with more than 22 years of experience in the cement industry, as well as, in the implementation and improvement of health and safety programs, environment, quality, production, and maintenance.

David has a background in electric engineering and an MBA and has gained experience in four countries. David is also an expert in the development of strategic plans and projects.

Emerging Leaders

Advisory Board