A Single Source for Civil Engineering Software

December 1, 2021

3D models and digital twins are changing the game for civil engineers. Point clouds minimize the need to visit remote facilities, enabling easy remote collaboration and creating savings from both a time and cost perspective. There’s a misconception out there, though, that no company exists that offers solutions to handle everything from point clouds to BIM and 360 views. 

JP Global Digital is the answer to these civil engineering problems. We serve as a single source for creating digital twins, visualizing and managing 3D data, and facilitating collaboration with remote teams – without having to purchase multiple software platforms. Let’s take a look at JP Global Digital’s role through every step of your project: 

3D Reality Capture

While laser scanners tend to create highly accurate point clouds for 3D modeling, laser scan processing software on its own usually lacks automation that allows for an swering questions within the context of a BIM project.

With JP Global Digital 3D reality capture, you can capture physical assets and turn them into a virtual environment using the latest data capturing tools, from 3D laser scanners to UAVs. These non-contact, non-destructive technologies capture the shape of any physical object, allowing you to document a size and shape into a 3D digital representation – taking your virtual environment to another level.

Using our 3D reality captures, civil engineering teams: 

  • Can safely map and measure hazardous locations and hard-to-reach areas
  • Get results almost immediately after data capture
  • Can carry out 3D measurements with millimeter accuracy
  • Are able to quickly measure and map areas no matter their size compared to conventional methods
Design Collaboration With Remote Teams
The JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV) allows civil engineering teams to access reliable data without having to visit the facility – significantly reducing field hours. Teams can easily design and virtually execute modifications and overlay and visualize new components and structures with BIM models, point clouds, and 360° photorealistic views. 

Quick access to accurate asset information allows for better collaboration with remote teams and improved decision-making. Project managers, engineers, operators, and asset owners have complete access to their point cloud and BIM data on a single source. 
Project and Facility Management
The JPIV is a cloud-based platform that allows you to visualize and remotely manage assets or projects and centralize your infrastructures in a simple digital platform. Engineering teams can integrate management software systems and databases, asset information, and operational data. 

Your team can make more informed decisions, faster with all your data and documents in a single platform – helping increase both efficiency and profitability. Data can be easily uploaded to the JPIV platform, so you can interact with and manage any asset with only a few clicks. 
From Digital Twins to Project Management, JP Global Digital Has You Covered

With JP Global Digital’s software, you can manage point clouds, BIM, and your digital twin from anywhere. We’re your single resource for everything you need for your project, from 3D reality capture to remote collaboration and management. If you’re ready to eliminate the need for multiple software platforms and gain efficiency through digital twin technology, contact JP Global Digital today.